Grievance Procedure

Oil Palm Plantation Investment Holdings

Grievance Report

Ref No. Date Received Company Grievance Report Stakeholders Subject Matter & Progress
GV 10 08-Nov-2020 Amanah Saham Pahang (ASPA) View Report Bunge

Concern raised by stakeholder on recent oil palm development which may violate our NDPE Policy On 3rd June 2020, Prosper's representative had engaged ASPA to acquire detail information about the disputed project. ASPA presented us their NDPE Policy on 9th July 2020. On 18th August 2020, ASPA informed Prosper of their commitment to Prosper's NDPE policy with immediate moratorium on new land development. They agreed to upload the information in their website soon. On 7th September 2020, Prosper had another round of engagement with YPPH, ASPA and Mentiga Corporation Berhad (Mentiga), with some stakeholders of Prosper. Prosper took time to share with YPPH, ASPA and Mentiga the process of engagement leading to recovery plan, if any. Thereafter, they were also introduced to Prosper's recovery project partner, Global Environment Centre (GEC), to explain on some possible options for recovery plan. Positive feedbacks are given by all parties and they have scheduled a follow-up meeting with GEC by the end of the month.